Priyanka’s Story

vendredi, février 23, 2018

“My name is Priyanka Garg Jain and I am now 20 years old. My dad, Rajiv Garg, and my mom, Sangeeta Jain, adopted me from Bombay when I was 7 months old. Of course I don’t remember Jan. 27, 1992, the day when my parents adopted me.  However, I along with my three younger sisters celebrate this precious day each year with great pride. My mom always gets teary-eyed reminiscing about it. Together we page through my adoption album, which contains pictures, letters, adoption papers and many memories. 

I have never felt the need to find my birth parents nor the desire to search for my roots in Mumbai. My parents took me to the neighborhood where my foster home was when I was 9 years old.  Not once have I reflected back on my past life. My heart and soul are warmly content, knowing I am loved by the only family I have ever known. 

On the other hand, my younger sister Sonya, who is 13, struggles each year on her adoption anniversary with the thought of not knowing anything about her birth identity.  She gets quite emotional wondering where her birth parents are.  I hold her and comfort her, telling her how happy I am and that we all love her. I guess I consider myself very lucky that I am not consumed nor haunted by the thoughts that bother Sonya.

I adore my grandparents, because they have truly given me unconditional love that only grandparents can give. All of us have been brought up alike, with me leading the way.  Since the age of 5, our parents have taken all of us for lessons in skating, karate, art, swimming, tennis, golf, sailing, and Kathak dance. My sisters look up to me, which makes me realize and appreciate the loving family I have. 

I believe it doesn’t matter if you are adopted or biological; what is more important is that you know acceptance, love and belonging. I could not ask for anything more, since I have everything that I could possibly want.”

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